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Hello! I’m Nikki Presents, Princess Nikki, or LoveLeiIvy. You might know me better as your next obsession!


I’m Princess Nikki, just a small town girl with beautiful feet. I have always had an affinity for beautiful feet both mine and other woman’s. I have always taken immaculate care of my feet so making a transition into this world was seamless for me. My feet are a perfect size 7.5, but I normally wear a size 8, dut to my toenails, which are 100% real, not acrylic. My soles are a perfect light pink color which means they are extremely soft, and will feel like silk in your hands. I have nice high arches and toenails that are appropriate in length, so they are sexy and not weird. I’m 5 foot tall, slim and I consider myself a girl next door type. I’m very in tune with my sexuality and well versed in sensuality. I’m down to earth and very humble. I’m very easy to converse with and love to ensure that my fans are happy with what I provide. Quality is everything to me and that is why I take such great care of my feet. Your encounters with me whether virtual or in person will leave you yearning for more. I’m a true Foot Fetish provider who truly enjoys what I do and that will resonate through every second of our encounters

I’m 35 years young, happily married and currently live in New England. I love wearing Converse and Puma socks, but sexy shoes are always a delight. My journey into the Foot Fetish world began in 2016 when I was a Cam girl. Fans would always compliment on my feet and ask for Fetish sessions. I always knew I had something special with my feet. I would often catch men staring at my feet while at the supermarket or anywhere in the general public. So I decided to embark on the journey into the Foot Fetish world and I have loved every moment since. It is important that my fans understand that I’m not a Mistress and I should never be referred to as such. I’m a Princess and I should be treated as such. Respect is everything and for those willing to act like gentlemen, you will be very happy with every interaction. I try to answer all fan messages but please be respectful and do not waste our time. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and I look forward to an encounter with you whether in person, virtual, or through a video you have purchased. Either way your patronage is greatly appreciated